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Electronic circuits
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Article in electronics
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Example: Infrared control system
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Electronic circuits -> Domestic

Automatic door opener (PIC projects)
Automatic Room Power Control
Baby Watch out
Bachelor project. Computerised house control. Room control. Wide physical dimension measuring range (temperature measuring range from Ц10 to +50 0C, light intensity measuring range from dark to high brightness)
Backup Lamp (11k) Don't get caught in the dark again!
Basic infrared TX-RX (IR) (simple)
Bathroom Deoderizer Control - That box you see on the wall in public washrooms. This is the type that has a little DC motor fan positioned above a small container containing a deoderant liquid or jelly, and runs off a D cell. The photocell turns off the fan when it gets dark. The LED flashes if the battery is good.
Battery Saver (161k) Automatically turns off flashlights, toys and other devices operating on voltage as low as 3 volts.
Bedside Lamp Timer. 30 minutes operation. Blinking LED signals 6 last minutes before turn-off
BFO Theory (Metal detector theory) (59 Kb)
Bootstrp/ PLL ( Phase Locked Loop) (Metal detector theory) (33 Kb)
Ceiling Fan Speed Control - For one of those 3 or 4 blade decorative fans.
Cheap 40KHz clock
Cheesemd1 (Metal detector theory-BFO) part1 (181 Kb)
Cheesemd2 (Metal detector theory-BFO) part2 (328Kb)
Clap Switch
Clock Divider Circuit
Color Organ Light - Flashes coloured christmas type lightbulbs to music. This circuit works REALLY well. Notice how it will fire even in complete silence. This provides a sort of automatic gain control.
Computerize Your Room/Home

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