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Article in electronics
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ConjuringTrick- "Domino Box"
Constant Brightness LED Stroboscope - For measuring the speed of small motors
Control 120VAC relay with TTL
Dark Activated Switch or Porch Light Switch
DC Push Button Motor Control Circuit
Deer Repellent (18k) This seismic sensor can detect and frighten away intruders.
Delayed Off Light Switch - Rated for use with incadescent loads. This is an unusual design in that it uses plain metal gate CMOS logic instead of the usual PIC or a custom chip. The 22uF capacitor charges up during one half of the ac cycle, and supplies trigger current to the triac on both halves.
Deoderizer Fan Pushbutton Timer - A battery operated fan blows air accross a stinky pad. For use in a bathroom or car. I've seen similar circuits used in plastic pot-pourri containers.
Digital Clock with MM5314N
Digital Combination Lock
Digital ping - pong [2]
Digital ping-pong [1]
Digital Roulette with Display
Digital Switching System
Digital Timer Light Switch
Dome Lamp Dimmer (16k) Efficiently dim the car's dome or map light.
Domestic heating control circuit
Doorbell with Counter
Doorphone Intercom
Dynamic lights (12C508A) (Christmas)

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