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Understanding Electricity - an analogy with water

Example: Infrared control system
Electronic circuits archive 

Understanding Electricity - an analogy with water

Source: 4QDs pages


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Hot Water Tank Indicator

Static Electricity / Negative Ion Detector

Understanding Electricity - an analogy with water

Underground Radio - How to use conductive soil (underground water table) to transmit audio or radio signals. During World War II there were situations were conventional radio was useless, either because enemy jamming or just for hidding purpouses; thus, radio operators forced off the air, tried a different aproach... underground radio. Although it's obviously a less efficient system, it works perfectly well if we find a good conductive sheet beneath.


Hot Water Tank Indicator

Shower Stopper (24k) By request! This gadget throws cold water on long showers.

Plants Watering Watcher. Varying brightness LED signals the necessity to water a plant. Very low consumption, 3V

Electric field detector. The circuit will come handy when you have to follow the mains wires buried in the wall or even water pipes provided they are not too far away (2-4cm max). (simple)

Water Level Indicator With Alarm

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