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Simple version. Full version located here

Deoderizer Fan Pushbutton Timer - A battery operated fan blows air accross a stinky pad. For use in a bathroom or car. I've seen similar circuits used in plastic pot-pourri containers.

Modified Howland Current Source. A Constant Current Source for a Grounded Load using a Single Op-Amp. (Theory)

Bartlett's Bisection Theorem. Modify passive filters for unequal terminations. (Theory)

A mini-tutorial on HP's Advanced Design System software (ADS)

Nothing box. Nine neon relaxation oscillators do nothing but blink continuously for five years on a single set of batteries.

Service manual Panasonic tc-29v50r

Programmator turbo v3.36.20. soft


Phtorism with 12Volt

Automatic Dual-output Display

Wiper Speed Controller

Radio Controlled Remote Control

Soft-touch Bi-directional Motor Driver



Economical Pump Controller

Tank Overflow Preventer

Flashing Brakelight

Up/Down Pulse Separator

Intelligent switch

Clap Switch

Designing Transistor biasing Circuits Using QBasic

Single-ic Decoy Switch

Magic Wand Conjuring Trick

Hot Water Tank Indicator

Static Electricity / Negative Ion Detector

ConjuringTrick- "Domino Box"

Press Button Switch Debouncer

DC Push Button Motor Control Circuit

Satellite Supplies (Hardware)

Pic24C programmer. Pic 16C/F84 ,24Cxx and 12C508 Combi programmer. Full mouse support, user friendly interface with pulldown menu, HEX save, Bin save, all popular programming interfaces supported PicBust option

Stepper Motor Experiments

Five projects for April Fools Day! (77k) Build a mysterious lamp, maddening dripper, TV remote control blocker, rattle box, and a truly smelly project.

24 Line Parallel Interface for the PC (15k) - only schematic

Unusual Frequency Dividers (35k)

Switching Diode Frequency Doublers (66k)

Waveform Conversion Sine to Square/Square to Sine

Reducing Vibration Induced Phase Noise - Some Research Ideas

Vibration-Induced Phase Noise and Vibration Isolation (includes links to spreadsheets for vibration calculations)

PLLs using ULN Oscillators

Phase Locking and Tuning

Two Diode Odd-Order Multiplier

Morse Code Beacon Keyer

Time Delay Relay II

Pine Racecar Victory Judge

Robot wars: start here!

Ultrasonic Intruder detector

Barry's Magnetic Levitation. Magnetic levitator. The pages include complete design details for an antigravity relay to levitate small iron parts.

Barry's Coilgun Mark II (coil gun)

Barry's Coilgun Mark I (coil gun)

Peltier coolers/heaters

Ground loops

Phase shifter circuit

Quiz-Show Indicator

Infra Red Remote Transponder

Build an Infrared night scope

Circuit for a Critter Ridder

How to generate random numbers

Squarewave to Sine circuit

Introduction to Tesla Coils - Postscript

Frequency Dependant Negative Resistor (Using Opamps)

Op amp circuit #1- Basic inverting and non-inverting circuits.

Op amp circuit #2- Simple op amp differential amplifier ("balanced" input).

Op amp circuit #4- Simple 4-input mixer stage.

Op amp circuit #5- Single supply op amp circuit.

Op amp circuit

Simple Discrete Op amp- made with common transistors

Solar Panel Charge Controller Circuit

Constant Temperature Circuit

Pulse Width Modulation DC Motor Control

Stepper Motor Controller

Simple Lie Detector

Understanding Electricity - an analogy with water

Ultrasonic Transmitter

Ultrasonic Receiver

Ultrasonic Preamp with Twin-T tuning

Ultrasonic Preamp with AGC

Twin-T tuned Ultrasonic Preamp

Switch, Touch operated

Resistor colour code

Relay driver, transistorised

PUT pair: 2 Tr equivalent to SCRs, SCSs and other 4 layer devices

Pump and hold (staircase)

Programmable Unijunction Transistor

Preamplifiers, ultrasonic

Multipliers (3n3 etc) for resistors and capacitors

Latch, Data bidirectional

Industrial process control circuits

Game referee circuit for snap & musical chairs

Data switch and indicator, bidirectional

Current sensing relay driver

Cup and bucket charge pump

Component values and colour code

Comparator with controlled hysteresis

Analogue "counter"

Simple IR detector

Transistor, Diode, IC outlines

Ultrasonic radar

Electronic fish lure

Ultrasonic sound receiver

Experimental data transmitter for fiber optics

Experimental fiber optic receiver

Ion detector

Darkness monitor


Simple event counter

Geiger counter

Light detector

Short-circuit beeper

LM 1800 FM stereo decoder

Glitch detector

MAX924 bar-graph level gauge

Ultrasonic generator

Negative ion generator

ELF Monitor

Chaos generator

Simple BFO metal detector

Voltage Comparator Information And Circuits

Build Your Own Digital Setting Circles For Your Astronomical Telescope

PL tone generator (NE567)

Bat detector

Bat detector microphone pre-amplifiers

Full-duplex doorphone with 3 wires connection

G Strain energy absorber

RDS Encoder

Toggle Switch Debounced Pushbutton

RDS Encoder

Discrete Set/Reset Flip Flop

Monostable Flip Flops (one shot)

Discrete Bistable Flip Flop

Talking Morse Code Practice Computer

Plant watering watcher

Capacitance sensor

Whistle responder

Biasing Op-Amps into Class A

Parasite zapper

Analog computer

BayComm packet modem

Morse monitor

HamComm modem interface

Morse paddle keyer

UV light box

Random noise generator

Analog pulse counter

Analog opto-isolator

Pulse width modulators (PWM)

Pulse width to voltage converter

Fantastic Atom Expander

Black Light

Computerize Your Room/Home

Flash slave trigger

A Visual CW Zero Beating Aid

A two-way Morse practice set

Magnetic levitation device

Tesla power receiver

Lazer Tag Equipment Modifications

Garmin GPS data interconnect

Inexpensive APRS Weather Station

Walking robot

Basic op-amp circuits

Power line FM intercom

Intercom circuit

Lightning Storm Detector

Large LCD Display Buffering Driver

Text to speech converter

Ion detector

1uS light pulse descriminator plus F to V converter (PDF)

Broadband 2MHz optical fiber receiver (PDF)

Modulated light received (PDF)

1uS light pulse receiver plus post amp (MISC)

Broadband 5MHz optical fiber receiver (PDF)

High-speed light receiver (PDF)

Basement doorbell beeper (PDF)

Time to dust indicator (PDF)

Low-power optical interrupter (PDF)

Simple nitrogen spark generator (PDF)

Ultrasonic transducer oscillator circuit

Build logic gates using discrete parts

Sudden Ionospheric Disturbance (SID) Receiver

A selection of robotics projects

Bat detector (new)

Vat detector (old)

Variety of quick designs

Gold wafer (smartcard) programmer

Making a FRED photopopper

Griffith Observatory Tesla Coil

Fogger smoke machine

Dinsmore 1490 digital compass

Geiger counter

Electric field disturbance monitor

Inexpensive seismometer project

Digital dial

GPS receiver interface

Doorbell for the Deaf

Electromagnetic field detector

Insect Repellant

High Quality Intercom

Magnetic Gun.

Metal detector

Static Electricity / Negative Ion Detector

Ultrasonic dog whistle

Popular Electronics Ultrasound Detector

An Inexpensive X-ray Machine

Magnetic levitation circuit

PE3342 Programmer Schematic

u-Blox GPS receiver board

Assorted digital circuits

Basic electronic circuits

Miscellaneous simple circuits

Digital Call Sign Annunciator

Ultrasonic switch

Sound finding cricket with phase detector

Sound finding cricket

APRS GPS tracker schematic (PIC16C73)

Very basic circuits

Bat detector

FCTS Project

Smooth Tone Clickless CW Sidetone Generator

Morse Code Beacon Keyer

Lightning Activated Camera Shutter Trigger

Simple metal detector electronic circuit

Three Power Supplies for the Garmin GPS-20 Sensor Board

Driving N-channel FETs from TTL

Miniature Self-Powered Autonomous Robot

Morse Code Practice Keyer 1

Morse Code Practice Keyer 2

741 Light Sensor

Fluid level detector

The Aisin-Seiki GPS-Receiver (The "US$20 GPS")

Morse code display

Intercom schematic

Scaling ADXL50 accelerometer output

Audio Indicator

Combinational Conjuring Trick

Quiz Circuit

Doorbell for the Deaf

Metal Detector

Electromagnetic Field Detector

Negative Ion Detector

Neon Desklamp

High Quality Intercom

Hot Water Indicator

Infra Red Link

Insect Repellant

Laser Communication System

LED Torch

Magic Wand

Miscellaneous Circuits

Speaker Microphone

Temperature Monitor

Ultrasonic Dog Whistle

Perimeter Alarm

Pot Plant Power

Automation Control via X-10

Distributed Control of an Automated Sorting Cell

LCD Emulator / Controller

Radio-controlled Digital Clock

Return of the StoneAge DiskDrive Logo Turtles

Slot Car Racing Performance Display

Stepper Motor Autonomous Control Kit

Teletext Adapter Package

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