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Article in electronics
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Digital/Microcontrollers | Electronic circuits

Example: Infrared control system
Electronic circuits archive 

Electronic circuits -> Digital/Microcontrollers

Temperature controlled based on AT89CX051
Temperature monitor/controller: AVR 2313 / DS1621
Tetris - The classical russian game, implemented on the SX game system.
Tetris - The classical russian game, implemented on the virtual game system.
The Fire-Stick. The ULTIMATE infrared remote control system, with up to (100-Foot) operating range.
The Multivibrator Circuit
Tony Nixons Pocket Programmer (PIC)
Ultra low-cost programmer for AT90S family
Using 1-Wire Devices: PicBasic Experiments With The PIC16F877. Using the Dallas DS1820, 1-Wire™ Digital Thermometer. This application shows how to communicate with the DS1820, and helps you to implement them in your designs.
Using an I2C Serial EEPROM with a Basic Stamp 2
Using the Onboard 8-Bit A/D Converter of the PIC12C67X. Analog to Digital & Using The 8-Pin PIC:
V2282 / V2288 LPH9007 LCD Pinouts
Victoria TAFE programmer (based on AT89C2051)
Virtual Game system - Hardware description of the mechanically scanned game system.
Voice recording and message retrieval system
Watch on PIC.
Way small web server
Whistle detector using 8-pin PIC
Wisp628 ISP Microchip PIC Programmer
Yet Another Mobile MP3 Player. This is an earlier player using a conventional PC motherboard, so the power supply I designed is quite compatible.

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