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Electronic circuits
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Article in electronics
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Electronic circuits archive 

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Full-duplex doorphone with 3 wires connection.
Fully functional PS/2 mouse based on the PIC16F84
GA628 LCD Pinouts
Galvanic decoupling of I2C bus
Generate video signals in real-time using a PIC16F84
Generating a Delayed Pulse With a dual 555 Timer
GH337 LCD Pinouts
GH337, GH688, CH388 LCD source code for pic 16f84
GH688 and LPH3800 - CH388 LCD Pinouts
Giant money counter (PIC16F876)
GPS LCD Display Project
GPS Repeater
Graphic LCD interface
GSM SMS remote control using AVR microcontroller
H-Bridge drives DC motors forward and backward.
HCMOS Gates Make Frequency Multipliers (27k)
How to Build a 10-Key Serial Keypad. Creating & Using Asynchronous Serial Solutions: How to create your own "Serial Keypads". This project uses PicBasic Pro, and the PIC16C620A microcontroller to build a 10-key serial keypad. The PIC16C620A only costs $2.50 each in single quantities, and the keys are simple normally-open, push-button switches. Build a user input keypad for your next basic stamp or PIC design and use a single I/O-pin for the interface.
How to drive a GA628 LCD with the PIC16F84A microcontroller
How to drive a Nokia LCD, type LPH7779, LPH7677 or LPH7366 with PIC16F84A
Howto - Info on howto generate videosignals with PIC-chips.

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